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  • Joubert syndrome

    Joubert syndrome is a rare condition that affects infants and kids whose brains don't grow correctly. Only around one in 100,000 or more infants are reported to be affected. There have only been a few hundred cases documented in the medical literature. The cerebellar vermis, a region of the brain that regulates balance and coordination, is either absent or underdeveloped. Additionally, there are abnormalities in the brain stem  Read More

  • Mobius syndrome

    An uncommon neurological condition known as Moebius syndrome causes many cranial nerves, most frequently the 6th (abducens) and 7th (facial) nerves, to become weak or paralysed (palsy). Sometimes other cranial nerves are impacted. The condition exists from birth (congenital). The person with Moebius syndrome is unable to pout, pucker the lips, lift the eyebrows, or close their eyelids if the 7th nerve is affected. The eye cann  Read More