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  • Hartnup syndrome

    Hartnup disease is a rare metabolic disorder inherited as an autosomal recessive trait. It involves an inborn error of amino acid metabolism as well as niacin deficiency. Factors that may precipitate acute attacks of this disorder may include poor nutrition, exposure to sunlight, sulphonamide medications and/or psychological stress. Hartnup disease may be marked by skin problems, coordination impairment, vision problems, mild mental retardatio  Read More

  • Morquio disease

    Morquio disease is a rare inherited metabolic disorder in which the body has trouble processing specific kinds of sugar molecules (glycosaminoglycans). This condition, also known as mucopolysaccharidosis type IV (MPS IV), manifests as a skeletal disorder with aberrant spine curvature, a short neck, knock knees, and hip issues. Children who are affected by the syndrome may exhibit an expanded head and recognisable facial features. Infants with  Read More

  • Pulmonary rhabdomyosarcoma

    A soft-tissue malignancy, in simple terms, is a type of cancer, while common in children, is comparatively rare in middle-aged adults (45+). It is said to be the result of translocation of primitive mesenchymal cells. This transformation occurs when parts of the DNA are swapped from one chromosome to another, and tends to occur at the time of a single cell splitting into two independent ones. Pulmonary Rhabdomyosarcoma  Read More