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The following Conditions are related to Speech difficulties

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  • Craniofacial syndrome

    The term "craniofacial" refers to the bones of the skull and face, which can malform the face or the head if they develop improperly. An illness, a trauma, or a birth flaw can cause the craniofacial syndrome. There are many different types of craniofacial syndromes. Symptoms: Depending on which regions of the baby's skull are impacted, the craniofacial syndrome can range from mild to severe. There are  Read More

  • Torsion dystonia

    Torsion dystonia has no known treatment. However, there are numerous medical techniques that can be used to alleviate the disease's symptoms. The treatment has to be patient-specific, based on all previous and current medical issues. The doctor who develops the treatment must be intimately familiar with the patient's health and develop a treatment plan that addresses all of the symptoms while focusing on the more chronic areas  Read More