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  • Kramer syndrome

    Oculocerebral Syndrome with Hypopigmentation is an extremely rare inherited disorder characterized by the lack of normal color (hypopigmentation) of the skin and hair and abnormalities of the central nervous system that affect the eyes and certain parts of the brain (oculocerebral). Physical findings at birth include unusually light skin color and silvery-gray hair. Abnormal findings associated with the central nervous system may include abnor  Read More

  • Norrie syndrome

    Norrie syndrome is an intrinsically genetic condition of eyesight, but it may also occur by unfortunate chance. It results in absolute blindness (only males) shortly after birth, if not instantly at birth. Immature retina cells accumulate at the back of the eyes with further unusual development of the retina, defected sensory cells that help in detecting color and light. It affects the vascular maturity of the ret  Read More