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  • Froelich's syndrome

    Froehlich syndrome is an unique childhood metabolic condition characterised by obesity, developmental delay, and slowed genital organ development. Here are the risk factors for Froehlich syndrome: Froehlich syndrome is caused by an injury to the hypothalamus. The hypothalamic gland is an endocrine gland responsible for stimulating the pituitary gland and regulating appetite. The front chunk of the pituitary gland struggles to secrete the hormo  Read More

  • Nance-horan syndrome

    Nance-Horan syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that may be evident at birth (congenital). It is primarily characterized by abnormalities of the teeth and clouding of the lens of the eyes (congenital cataracts), resulting in poor vision. Additional eye (ocular) abnormalities are also often present, such as unusual smallness of the front, clear portion of the eye through which light passes (microcornea) and involuntary, rapid, rhythmic eye move  Read More