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  • Epilepsy and temporal lobe resection

    temporal lobe resection is a treatment not a disorder  Read More

  • Postanesthetic apnea

    Postanesthetic apnea is a condition that can occur after surgery. People with this condition may have difficulty breathing and may need help from a ventilator. There is no cure for postanesthetic apnea, but it is generally a temporary condition that resolves on its own. Medications may be used to help people with this condition breathe more easily. There is no known cure for postanesthetic apnea. However, there ar  Read More

  • Pulmonary rhabdomyosarcoma

    A soft-tissue malignancy, in simple terms, is a type of cancer, while common in children, is comparatively rare in middle-aged adults (45+). It is said to be the result of translocation of primitive mesenchymal cells. This transformation occurs when parts of the DNA are swapped from one chromosome to another, and tends to occur at the time of a single cell splitting into two independent ones. Pulmonary Rhabdomyosarcoma  Read More