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  • Campomelic dysplasia

    Cure or Medication for campomelic dysplasia Campomelic dysplasia has no known treatment; alternatively, it is treated or prevented. The structural problems may potentially be corrected by surgical techniques. The following are the treatments for Campomelic dysplasia. 1. PEEP: Positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP), a mechanical breathing aid, may help affected people with respiratory issues.  Read More

  • Coffin siris syndrome

    Multiple bodily systems are impacted by the illness known as Coffin-Siris syndrome. Developmental disability, anomalies of the fifth (pinky) fingers or toes, and distinctive facial features are trademarks of this disorder, despite the fact that there are numerous diverse signs and symptoms. 1. The majority of those affected have mild to severe intellectual disabilities or delayed speech and motor skill development  Read More