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  • Escobar syndrome

    Depending on how severe the spinal deformities and webbing are, therapy is supportive. Here are some options for treating escobar syndrome: 1. Since scoliosis typically appears before the age of five in most individuals, orthopedic specialists must be consulted as soon as a diagnosis is obtained. 2. Plastic surgery in the regions of the webbing may be beneficial for patients with Escobar syndrome. Sub  Read More

  • Fifth digit syndrome

    Fifth digit syndrome also known as Coffin-Siris syndrome is a genetic disorder that results in varying degrees of learning disability, developmental slowdowns, stunted 'pinky' toenails or fingernails, and distinctive facial features. Here are the risk factors for fifth digit syndrome: 1. The most common known cause of the condition is ARID1B gene variants. 2. The mode of inheritance is autosomal dominant, wh  Read More