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  • Campomelic dysplasia

    Cure or Medication for campomelic dysplasia Campomelic dysplasia has no known treatment; alternatively, it is treated or prevented. The structural problems may potentially be corrected by surgical techniques. The following are the treatments for Campomelic dysplasia. 1. PEEP: Positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP), a mechanical breathing aid, may help affected people with respiratory issues.  Read More

  • Dysmyelogenic leukodystrophy-megalobare

    Dysmyelogenic leukodystrophy-megalobare or Alexander disease is an extremely rare, usually progressive and fatal, neurological disorder. Initially, it was detected most often during infancy or early childhood. Alexander disease has historically been included among the leukodystrophies–diseases of the white matter of the brain. These diseases affect the fatty material (myelin) that forms an insulating sheath around  Read More

  • Sandhoff disease

    Sandhoff disease is an exceedingly rare lysosomal storage condition. It induces nerve cell damage (neurodegeneration). This causes issues with thinking and movement. Sandhoff illness is caused by faulty HEXB gene mutations. Negative alterations in this gene result in lower levels of two enzymes in the cell's recycling centers (lysosomes). Certain fats (lipids) accumulate in enormous levels in nerve cells in the absence of thes  Read More