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  • Craniostenosis, crouzon type

    Craniostenosis, Crouzon type is a very uncommon hereditary condition. It is a type of craniosynostosis, a condition in which the fibrous joints (sutures) between some of the skull's bones fuse prematurely. The sutures permit the cranium to develop and enlarge in an infant. These bones eventually come together to form the skull. In Crouzon syndrome, the sutures prematurely fuse, potentially changing the shape and development of  Read More

  • Crouzon craniofacial dysostosis

    Risk factors for crouzon craniofacial dysostosis: 1. One of the FGFR genes, usually FGFR2, changes (mutations) lead to Crouzon syndrome. The instructions for making proteins, which are essential to numerous bodily processes, are provided by genes. 2. A gene mutation might result in the production of a protein that is defective, ineffective, or nonexistent. This can have an impact on a variety of body organ s  Read More