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  • Fifth digit syndrome

    Fifth digit syndrome also known as Coffin-Siris syndrome is a genetic disorder that results in varying degrees of learning disability, developmental slowdowns, stunted 'pinky' toenails or fingernails, and distinctive facial features. Here are the risk factors for fifth digit syndrome: 1. The most common known cause of the condition is ARID1B gene variants. 2. The mode of inheritance is autosomal dominant, wh  Read More

  • Mucolipidosis ii

    I-cell disease (mucolipidosis II) is a rare inherited metabolic disorder characterized by coarse facial features, skeletal abnormalities and mental retardation. The symptoms of I-cell disease are similar to but more severe than those of Hurler syndrome. The symptoms associated with this disorder typically become obvious during infancy and may include multiple abnormalities of the skull and face and growth delays.This disorder belon  Read More