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  • Cysts of the renal medulla, congenital

    Renal medulla, congenital also known as Medullary sponge kidney, is a kidney disease. There is no specific treatment for Renal medulla, congenital. It is centered around managing urinary tract infections and kidney stones. 1. The standard treatment for urinary tract infections is antibiotics. 2. Treatment for kidney stones depends mainly on stone size. If the stone is small in size, it shall pas  Read More

  • Morquio syndrome

    The skeleton is typically affected by the uncommon genetic metabolic condition known as morquio syndrome. The specific GAG that accumulates in the body during Morquio Syndrome is known as keratan sulfate. This lysosomal storage disorder is a form of the autosomal recessive birth condition. GAG accumulation in many body regions results in symptoms in numerous organ systems. Treatment 1. Th  Read More