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  • Marinesco-sjogren syndrome-myopathy

    The unusual hereditary disorder known as Marinesco-Sjogren syndrome-myopathy affects a number of the body's organ systems. Among the more common signs of cerebellar ataxia include cataracts, delays in learning skills requiring the coordination of muscular and mental activity (psychomotor development), hypotonia, decreased muscle tone, and progressive muscle weakness. Many affected individuals exhibit additional physical proble  Read More

  • Nance-horan syndrome

    Nance-Horan syndrome is a rare genetic condition inherited at the fetal stage and displayed at birth, existing due to a genetic variation in the NHS gene. Its inheritance is X-linked -- a dominant trait which means that while it affects both men and women, symptoms are more prominent in males. It is classified by deformities of the teeth and clouded eye lens, thus, leading to poor vision. Other eye abnormalities i  Read More