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  • Localized infantile mastocytosis

    Mast cells pathologically grow in cutaneous tissue and extracutaneous organs such as bone marrow, liver, spleen, and lymph nodes in various forms of the condition known as localized infantile mastocytosis. 1. Pediatric-onset mastocytosis and adult-onset mastocytosis are the two main age-related patterns in which the disease manifests, and they may differ in terms of clinical symptoms and how the disease develops.  Read More

  • Papular acrodermatitis of childhood

    Gianotti-Crosti Syndrome is a rare skin disease affecting children between the ages of nine months and nine years. Major symptoms may include blisters on the skin of the legs, buttocks and arms. The disorder is usually preceded by a viral infection.  Read More

  • Pigmented dermatosis, siemens-bloch type

    Pigmented Dermatosis, Siemens-bloch type, otherwise also termed as Incontinentia Pigmenti (PI) is a rare X-linked dominant genodermatosis condition. It’s more common in males and normally considered lethal pre-birth. Significant loss of hair of the scalp and body (alopecia), dental abnormalities (smaller than usual teeth, lesser teeth), eye issues that can cause vision loss, and linted/pinted fingernails as well as toena  Read More