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  • Morquio disease

    Morquio disease is a rare inherited metabolic disorder in which the body has trouble processing specific kinds of sugar molecules (glycosaminoglycans). This condition, also known as mucopolysaccharidosis type IV (MPS IV), manifests as a skeletal disorder with aberrant spine curvature, a short neck, knock knees, and hip issues. Children who are affected by the syndrome may exhibit an expanded head and recognisable facial features. Infants with  Read More

  • Morquio syndrome

    The skeleton is typically affected by the uncommon genetic metabolic condition known as morquio syndrome. The specific GAG that accumulates in the body during Morquio Syndrome is known as keratan sulfate. This lysosomal storage disorder is a form of the autosomal recessive birth condition. GAG accumulation in many body regions results in symptoms in numerous organ systems. Treatment 1. Th  Read More